“Our vision is to change the mind-sets of younger women in today’s world. In order to bring change you must start at the root of the cause; by using a skilful approach and remaining determined we will address these causes. With our skills and influential services we plan to see an increase in academic behaviours and outcomes, life aspirations, self-esteem and self-worth in our students. Our services will cultivate your mind to ‘step out of your comfort zone’ and truly believe you can achieve whatever it is you set your mind to. Our aim is to Support, Inspire and Nurture the women of tomorrow.”

We focus on the needs of the student and encourage our students to deal with the issues faced. Our aim is to see an overall improvement in the individual.

This programme has the ability to support and guide many students who may not receive what is needed in their everyday surroundings at such a crucial age. We will be supporting their transition into independence in a special and meaningful way.

We hold a variety of social events bringing young people together to have a positive outcome. From networking events to luncheons and motivational sessions.

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"Honestly without receiving the mentoring I would probably still be procrastinating."

Mentee: Bianca Clarke

"a simple but crucial need to attend to our society. The leap from secondary school to college is a substantial one; between secondary school and college/sixth form there can be little preparation for their upcoming future. We plan on doing this...

teaching core topics to expose future life possibilities, empower one another and set the foundation of a captivating mind-set."