Our mentorship programme has been created to focus on the specific and personal development requirements of our students. Mentors will provide guidance and support to impact and see progression within that student.

Providing a worldwide mentorship connection between the young women of today and our specialised professionals. Mentors and mentees will be harmonised together based on the required needs, requests and characteristics. The mentor will engage in meet up’s and engagements to support the student on a timed basis.


Topics covered will vary between confidence & self-esteem building, self development, goal setting and career paths. We also take on students from as young as 11 years old.

Timescales: Mentoring timescales will be individually set depending on what works best for both the mentor and mentee.

Specialized Mentorship

IDEA OFF THE GROUND - IOTG is a specialized mentorship programme created to get that business idea off the ground. We provide start-up business support and guidance for budding entrepreneurs. Register now.

ED-BOOST - Ed-Boost assists our students during such a crucial time of education and examinations. We focus on the key elements behind a students educational development. Key factors which has influences and affects on how well a student is able to perform during their studies. Register now.


Want to become a Mentee?

Imagine having someone to turn to every time you see a glimpse of that brick wall again?

Every time your faced with yet another situation which of you have no clue on how to tackle, Imagine having someone to answer your why's, what if's and what now's?

Want to become a Mentor?

If you were given the opportunity to use your learned lessons, experiences and skills to help another young woman, would you?

Imagine being able to assist and prevent the next generation from making the same mistakes you made?